Hi there friends, so sorry for the lack of blogging on my part.  Our family has been crazy for the last few months and I’m so excited to share why! First, I’ll start with some progress on our sweet Laurelei. She is getting stronger and faster everyday! If you didn’t know she had hypotonia you would never guess. She is taking steps up the stairs with almost no help and running around like crazy.  We’re so incredibly proud of her and are noticing what a strong, independent, fierce little girl she is. We also had another eye appt with her surgeon and I brought all of her favorite things; minnie mouse, tinker bell, raspberries, my iphone..prepared to offer her exclusive access to all of it.  We usually pick the first appt in the morning so we don’t have to wait long and it can be a quick & easy experience.  So, while we were sitting in the waiting room she looked at me with no extreme emotion on her face and said mater-of-factly, “no eyes. no good girl.”  .  . . . and that ladies and gentlemen is my daughter.  I wanted to bust out laughing at how familiar that stubborn feeling is and cry that she may be sabotaging her visit, all at the same time.  I chose to laugh and text my family, knowing that my parents especially would find it hilarious (not that I ever did anything like that as a child…HA). We went in the room and she did exactly as she warned. She closed her eyes for almost the entire visit and buried her face in my chest to avoid the entire process. Eventually we all gave up after she started crying and made another appt in a couple months, hoping that the next time the doctor can get a good reading on her drift.  I wanted to be frustrated because she needs this surgery and until she’s able to cooperate and they can measure the drift exactly they won’t do it.  But, I have to say that I have put myself in her position so many times!

She is so young and can’t fully understand the whole story but she knows enough! Enough to make choices along the way…to put her feet down and stand her ground (which, I’m not gonna lie makes me crazy proud, I love that she has a strong will).  She knows enough to look me square in the eye and tell me “no eyes. no good girl.” & she knows enough to not cooperate when it comes time to execute the plan.  How many times have we been there with God? We can’t see our whole plan but he knows what’s next, he knows the next steps.  So he’ll bring us to a place that we’re unfamiliar with or that we are totally familiar with and we look around thinking, “you’ve got to be kidding.” So we look him dead in the face and say “no eyes. no good girl” “no way. i’m not doing this, thanks anyway.” And then when he carries us into the midst of the situation we close our eyes and burry our heads and refuse to participate in whatever adventure he has in store for us!

There are so many times that I want to grieve over her condition but then I remember all that she has taught me about my God, my saviour since her diagnosis.  I have faith that God can snap his fingers and in one second she can be healed. But what’s even better than the faith of her healing is the faith in His sovereignty. I can rest in His plan and his beauty already displayed in her life.  That is the greatest gift my kids have ever or will ever give me.  (hear that kiddos? you’re covered for the next 100 mothers days) And what’s even better is that I can show that kind of faith to my kids and let them see the joy that comes from chasing after a God who promises to be the same yesterday, today and forever.

On to the big news!….I feel this is worth a drum roll (just humor me)

. . .

We are so excited and blessed to share that we will soon be adding to the crazy mayhem that is our family! Yes, folks we are becoming a family of 5! I am now in my second trimester and hoping that all the perks of the second trimester soon fall upon this weary mama! I’m afraid my children are going to start thinking the person who cries at coffee commercials and sleeps every available moment and judges what she eats by what she think it might taste like again later is their mother. Every now and again I get a jolt of my former self and do 72 loads of laundry, get tons of work done, workout and eat salsa but its not long until this beautiful little life reminds me that we’re in this together 🙂

The kiddos couldn’t be happier and have been so excited about a new baby. Laurelei especially has been madly in love with her not-so-baby cousins so she’s thrilled & so sweet giving my tummy kisses saying “hi baby” in a high pitched voice. Ollie has been such a great helper, just a little while ago he noticed my cup was empty and put ice cubes in it and then filled it up from an unknown water source in the bathroom.  His face was priceless when he brought it to me, such sweetness and pride. I gave him the biggest kiss and as I sit here writing this I have to keep reminding myself as I reach for my glass, “don’t drink the potential toilet water” 🙂

second trimester! hooray!


the kiddos practicing for when #3 joins us


just two adorable faces to leave with you




One thought on “news

    So happy for y’all! And i died at the “unknown water source.” Oh, Ollie. This makes my heart so glad – you and Drew are fabulous parents and your little ones are blessed to be loved by you.

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