broken bone.

So we’ve survived 2 full weeks so far with Ollie in the body cast! Looks like we’re only looking at 4 more rather than 6 more so we’re excited about that.  This whole experience has been one I will never forget, that’s for sure.  From backwards potty training to not fretting over my son eating ice cream in my bed it has definitely been an adventure.  I truly did expect it to be a lot worse.  I sat in the hospital when the doctor told us that he would be in a cast from his chest to his toes and thought, “are they crazy? how in the world am I going to keep a very active 3 year old boy entertained for 6-8 weeks when he can’t even sit up?!” But we have some amazing friends and an incredible church family that has come around us and cooked us dinner and treats and given Ollie toys & movies for us to borrow or keep while he bed. (good grief, is this really happening?) I’ve been really impressed with his attitude and disposition tho. Unless he’s in pain he’s happy playing with legos or Mr. potato head with me or teaching himself how to whistle or watching pixar movies or wallace & gromit.  And fyi incase you ever break your femur, just stock up on bandaids. We’ve gone thru 5, almost 6, boxes of bandaids that seem so stop the pain when its really bad. And since he doesn’t use that much energy during the day his nights are really restless…lots and lots of waking up and wanting to talk or play. Its a bit like having a 40something pound newborn who is super chatty and can reason against you when you try to pacify him with something. 

We’ve all been hitting super high highs and super low lows. Everyone is exhausted and I’m doing my best to manage all his needs, my sweet Lollie’s day-to-day and the little sweet one growing in my belly while Drew has been finishing a HUGE project for work. As crazy as it has been I’m just reminded everyday that I have a fantastic partner. As long as we are mindful of each other’s needs and sacrifices and are honest about how its going we can do anything together! If I need a break from the little man to just rest and pray Drew jumps in and entertains him so I can be filled up to come back as an even better mama. I thought this experience might make me nervous about adding yet another little neyer to the awesome chaos that is our life but it just reaffirmed the excitement that I have for any adventure that comes our way.  

In other news I am so excited for this sunday night, we are hosting a night of worship at our church, Grace Chapel.  Being a worship leader is such a privilege and a huge responsibility.  I love worshipping with a family of believers and ushering in God’s presence.  When I prepare for any time of worship I pray that I would be able to understand the needs of the congregation and know “What do we need to tell God tonight…What has God been asking us to do…Where have we been falling short…what do we need to praise him for…” I’m so excited about this night of worship as I’m preparing my own heart and the hearts of those on our worship team to usher in a time of worship thru obedience & trust. I know God is going to show up and move in a powerful way as he does every time! Anyone is welcome to join us, it will be held in our worship center @ 6pm and I look forward to seeing you and worshipping with you and connecting with you 🙂 

Just hanging out at the hospital today. He’s been having some pretty major stomach pain after he eats so they wanted to check him out. Unfortunately about 10min after this picture was taken he was screaming in my arms as they cut his cast down about 3 inches from the top by his chest so his stomach would have more room to expand while he digested his food. Praying that this helps the stomach pains!




One of my favorite pictures, my sweet babies and my sister’s sweet babies all smooshed into my bed!



Up at 4am playing legos with Ollie. 








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