Finding Identity in God

My kids had a field trip to the zoo for their last day of school and I went to chaperone my daughter’s first-grade class which was a blast.  If you’ve never chaperoned a first-grade field trip just enjoy a nice day walking running around the zoo but make sure you’re holding a stack of maps no one wants but HAD to have 10 minutes ago and then every three minutes announce how many more minutes there are until lunchtime…that’s basically it.  As we walked with the class I found myself introducing myself to kids and other parents as Oliver’s mom or Lollie’s mom.  I’m not sure if I ever said, “Hi, I’m Jen” one time. And while I take MASSIVE pride in those titles there are times when little tiny lies can sneak into my mind and tell me that that is all I am…just someone’s mom.


When we start to define ourselves or let others define us we can very quickly run into trouble.  Being a mom of 4 young kids means that most of my days are filled with…well, being the mom of 4 young kids.  I love my life, I wouldn’t trade it for anything but Jesus doesn’t want me to find my identity in motherhood.  He created motherhood to point me back to him.  Motherhood is deeply rooted in God’s heart and in your role, as mom, you reflect a perfect character trait of God himself.  But what happens is we define ourselves as “mom” and then when we fail, when we yell, when we spend too much time on our phone, when we forget to send them to school in gym shoes because its gym day, when we burn dinner we start to lose a little bit of pride in that role.  This thought repeats like a broken record…“If this is who I am then I am nothing because I am failing.”

I want you to look into the mirror today and remember who you are.  Remember who you were when you were 8 years old, and 18 years old.  See past the messy hair & the tired eyes and the donut handprint on your boob (…no? that’s never happened to you? Well, as long as you tell me you’ve worn vomit then we can still be friends.)


Look at yourself and remember that God made you unlike anyone else but so much like Himself.


Look at yourself and remember that God has incredibly beautiful things to say about His kids.  If you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you, you have so many reasons to know your worth! You’re a child of God, a friend of God, a co-heir with Christ, a temple of the Holy spirit, a new creation, part of a body, a citizen of heaven.  You’re redeemed, rescued, forgiven, strong, sealed, beloved, blessed, complete – you’ve been set free from shame and regret and made alive!

The Living God, the creator of the universe, has declared that over you.

You are not just a mom. In fact, you are not just anything. If you speak, I am worthless, I am just a ______ , I am ugly, I am unable, I am defeated, I am unforgivable, then you will live there, you will live in that mindset. So, stop speaking lies and start speaking truth. I’m not who I say I am, I’m not who the world says I am I am who God say I am!

He took his time creating you and designing you.  He has given you dreams and ideas and He has given you talents and spiritual gifts in order to accomplish those dreams!

Pray this prayer with me this week: God, thank you for giving me incredible worth. Thank you for giving me your word so that I can hear your voice speak truth over me.  Help me to remember my worth and stop making excuses for why I can’t live an abundant life for you.  Thank you for the roles you’ve given me (wife, friend, mama) but my heart’s desire is that my identity is deeply rooted in YOU and you alone.






One thought on “Finding Identity in God

  1. Hi Jen,

    I just stumbled upon this post and it was incredibly timely. Thanks so much for the encouragement and reminder of my identity in Christ!


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