So, I have avoided this post for a few days but this blog has really been my way to digest what's been going on with Lollipop I go! We have eye appointments every couple of months to check the progression of her disease.  I knew it had gotten worse based on little things I've … Continue reading patching.


About a week before we started Lollipop's phyisical therapy and LONG before we knew anything about her vision disease my mom and I took the kids to the park to play.  We watched Ollie go crazy on the playground and pushed sweet Lollie in her stroller while she played with her babydoll. A little girl … Continue reading value.


Can we all just take a moment to stop and celebrate that my beautiful daughter is now walking full time! The walker skyrocketed her confidence and she is now walking just about everywhere she goes. She even got out of the cart for the first time at the store this past week and I learned … Continue reading arrived.


Things got a little sticky after my last post.  I definitely spoke too soon about Laurelei's stomach bug and it came back with a vengeance and lasted until saturday! Needless to say I didn't have much time for anything else. Now that everyone is doing much better we were able to celebrate the birthday of … Continue reading seasons.