God is Peace

Gideon has an encounter with an angel of the Lord where the angel tells him to go to battle with the Midianites to deliver Israel from Midian’s control and Gideon’s response is “Well, God has abandoned us…He did all of these amazing things for our ancestors by freeing them from slavery in Egypt and sustaining … Continue reading God is Peace


A few years ago Drew and I had this dream to create an environment where creatives can come and be inspired, learn how to hone their craft and realize that their creativity comes from one source but is expressed in endless ways.  We didn't know exactly how or where or when we would make this … Continue reading Ramshire

Washed Away

I know it has been a little while since I posted...like years…but I’m back.  When I started this blog it was a place for me to process and connect with other parents as I went through the ups and downs of motherhood.  I was a new mom dealing with heavy burdens and this blog gave … Continue reading Washed Away


Hi there friends, so sorry for the lack of blogging on my part.  Our family has been crazy for the last few months and I'm so excited to share why! First, I'll start with some progress on our sweet Laurelei. She is getting stronger and faster everyday! If you didn't know she had hypotonia you … Continue reading news


So, I have avoided this post for a few days but this blog has really been my way to digest what's been going on with Lollipop so...here I go! We have eye appointments every couple of months to check the progression of her disease.  I knew it had gotten worse based on little things I've … Continue reading patching.


About a week before we started Lollipop's phyisical therapy and LONG before we knew anything about her vision disease my mom and I took the kids to the park to play.  We watched Ollie go crazy on the playground and pushed sweet Lollie in her stroller while she played with her babydoll. A little girl … Continue reading value.